Nicholas Wainer

The motivated Developer Photographer Automator Collaborator Designer


The Professional Story of Nicholas Wainer

My Story

I was brought up in Maine with nature at my front door and a strong drive to explore the world around me. I got into photography and drumming early on in my life, keeping me always at the edge of my seat in terms of new and innovative technology. I started by just taking apart random electronics until the day I built my very first Desktop PC. This propelled me further into the world of software and development that I am now surrounded by today. My goal for the future is to mold all of these different perspectives together into something new and exciting that this world has yet to experience. I promise I have more energy than you and I will work until the goal is achieved.



Desired Salary:

To be Discussed


B.S. in Computer Engineering

Job Type:

Full-Time, Part-Time, Freelance


Always Looking for an Adventure

Personal qualities

Driven, Excited, Down-to-Earth, Social, Passionate, Creative.

Creative Solutions

Some problems have complicated solutions and for me finding the most creative, but efficient, route to success is always my top priority.

Analytical Mindset

I always work to balance my creative mind with realistic timeframes and good documentation to always have the most precise and error free outcome.


If there is a deadline I can get it done no matter what, but I create much better solutions when stepping back and forth between all the moving pieces.

Always Available

There is never a point in which I will not respond to an email or message that is work related. Most days you can also find me enjoying work at 3am.

Professional Timeline

Working hard every day and finding success in new places

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston MA
Bachelor of Computer Engineering
Graduated August 2013 with a 3.1 GPA

  • Apr 2017 - Present

    AIR Worldwide, Boston

    DevOps Engineer

    Bringing full fledged automation to an enterprise application in the public and private cloud. Using CI systems to automate package creation and push them to clients on and off the cloud.

  • Sept 2016 - Present

    Sprout Studios, Boston

    IT Consultant

    My first goal was to set up a new File Server and migrate all existing company data. I then created a new more secure VPN solution for the users and ensured consistent backups.

  • Jan 2012 - Mar 2017

    AIR Worldwide, Boston

    Technical Support Analyst

    To provide overall improvement to the quality and consistency of our products; as well as serve the client in an efficient and effective manner. I test new releases for AIR products and set up environments utilizing MySQL/HPC for internal and client use. Creating test plans is an essential way to keep organized and make sure everything works as planned.

  • Jan 2012 - August 2013

    AIR Worldwide, Boston

    IT/IS Co-op

    Ran test plans and validated enterprise software in different environment configurations and installation/upgrade styles. Documented absolutely everything and tried to find innovation and increased efficiency within various sectors of the department.

  • Oct 2010 - Aug 2012

    Wentworth Career Services, Boston

    Clerical Assistant

    Assist the staff advisors by entering student information into a database and filing documents. Schedule student appointments and give information over the phone to employers and students.

  • May 2010 - Sep 2011

    Balsam Cove Campground, Maine

    Campground Office Clerk

    Managed front office operations: reservations, registrations, and customer inquiries. Maintained a secure and stable computer system and network ontop of keeping the front office in tip-top shape.

  • Feb 2008 - Aug 2009

    Dunkin Donuts, Maine


    Mastered the register. Assembled drinks and orders, which sometimes included cooking. Closed the store which involved making everything spotless, preparing for the next day, and locking up.

  • July 2007 - December 2007

    McDonalds, Maine


    Learned the ropes on having my first job, handling cash in and out, and maintaing the workflow of the restaurant.